Ecofin is the Bridge Connecting Ecology and Finance

Investing to help solve the world’s greatest challenges without compromising performance.

Focused on performance. Committed to sustainability.

We aim to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns to our clients while tackling some of the planet’s biggest challenges. Companies dedicated to sustainable operations are experiencing historic growth and lower costs of capital from the convergence of technological innovation, government & corporate policy action and consumer activism.

We see today's global challenges as opportunities to generate returns and make an impact

940 million

people across the globe lack access to electricity

Source: Our World in Data, November 2019

3 billion

people lack access to clean fuels for cooking

Source: Our World in Data, November 2019


of all water produced is lost during transmission and distribution

Source: AquaVenture Holdings, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, McKinsey, RBC Capital Markets and Xylem as of 30 June 2020

$4.6 trillion

annual global spending required on economic infrastructure to meet the UN’s SDGs and keep pace with projected growth

Source: Global Infrastructure Hub, Oxford Economics (electricity, airports, roads & rail, telecoms, sea ports)

$475 billion

investment-grade senior housing and care market (estimated)

Source: NIC Investment Guide – Investing in Seniors Housing & Care Properties, Sixth Edition

$1 trillion

private sector investment needed in water access and sanitation by 2030 (projected)

Source: Brookings, Global Infrastructure Hub, McKinsey, NCE, OECD and World Bank

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We invest in what we believe are essential assets, those that are critical to the economy, have h...

About Ecofin

Ecofin unites ecology and finance and has roots back to the early 1990s. Our mission is to generate strong risk-adjusted returns and measurable impacts. We invest in essential assets and services that contribute to more sustainable human ecosystems and communities.

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$1.9 billion

Assets under management*



Our strategies are accessible through a variety of investment solutions and seek to achieve positive impacts that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Learn More

* Ecofin Investments, LLC is the parent of registered investment advisers Ecofin Advisors, LLC and Ecofin Advisors Limited (collectively “Ecofin”).
** As of 6/30/2024