Water and Environment

Ecofin's Water and Environment capabilities seek to invest in companies across the globe and throughout the water value chain that we believe are in a position to benefit from the pursuit of solving the water supply/demand imbalance.

We believe the following tactics will improve the supply/demand imbalance:

  • Maximizing water supply through water loss prevention technologies, water reuse and desalination
  • Improving water efficiency through adoption of advanced irrigation methods, growth in process control systems and advances in household water technology
  • Upgrading legacy water infrastructure in developed countries, as well as building out water infrastructure in emerging markets

Which helps address the following global challenges:

  • Water shortages
  • Water quality concerns
  • Deteriorating water infrastructure in developed countries and need for water infrastructure in emerging markets
Commentary 12/31/2023

Investing in water: Making an impact without sacrificing performance

We invest in what we believe are essential assets, those that are critical to the economy, have h...

Capital investment is required to solve the water crisis


of the world's water is available for consumption.

Source: U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey (December 2016).

$5-23 Trillion

of investment by 2030 to ensure water access and sanitation for all

McKinsey, OECD, World Bank, Brookings, NCE


of all water produced is lost during transmission and distribution

McKinsey Global Institute: Infrastructure productivity (January 2013).

New technologies required to increase efficiencies