About Ecofin

Ecofin is a sustainable investment firm with roots dating to the 1990s and a global footprint with offices in the US and UK. We are driven by the idea that sustainable investment can deliver strong risk-adjusted returns while making a true impact on the environment and society. Our strategies offer global solutions in private and public securities that address global challenges in climate action, water and sustainable communities. Through these strategies we seek to achieve positive impacts that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and are accessible through a variety of vehicles.

What Moves Us?

We aim to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns to our clients while tackling some of the planet’s biggest challenges.

Our strengths

Our strengths are led by our team. We bring together immensely talented investment professionals with decades of experience in sustainable, thematic investing. Our depth and expertise extends throughout our organization with in-house dedicated personnel across all asset management functions.

Our core values 

These values drive our team and our culture. Putting clients first means our team and culture must be vibrant and strong, and able to deliver the highest value to our clients.


Entrepreneurial Sprit

Our strategies

Our strategies are diverse and cover themes with a unified focus on the Sustainability Revolution. We invest in the world’s most pressing global challenges. We are in the early stages of a multi-decade tectonic shift. The consequences of these changes are shifts in how humans make basic decisions, how we consume resources and how we live on the planet. The permanent shift in behavior is also re-shaping the investment landscape.

Climate Action

  • Electrification
  • Clean transportation
  • Industrial & building efficiency
  • Waste transition: waste-to-energy, waste-to-value

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Water & Environment

  • Maximizing water supply
  • Upgrading water infrastructure
  • Improving water efficiency

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Social Impact

  • Education
  • Senior living
  • Medical care centers

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Our vehicles

Our vehicles offer opportunities for investors of all types and preferences to invest with us. We believe sustainability and ESG should drive strong risk-adjusted returns and avoid risks posed by companies and assets that are exposed to environmental and social factors. For this reason, we want to democratize access to these investments.

$2.0 billion

Assets under management*

* Ecofin Investments, LLC is the parent of registered investment advisers Ecofin Advisors, LLC and Ecofin Advisors Limited (collectively “Ecofin”).





The Sustainability Revolution

Our perspective on the present and future. It will continue to provide investors with countless opportunities for wealth compounding and capital preservation.

Our Approach & Vision

Our approach to sustainability includes our governance, guiding principles and our role as a signatory to several initiatives and organizations with a deep commitment to responsible investing. Our strategies are accessible through a variety of investment solutions and seek to achieve positive impacts that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision aligns with the Sustainability Revolution by continuing to devote resources to pressing challenges. We will grow with our clients and partner with those seeking compounding wealth opportunities. Through continual reinvestments in our team, we will remain focused on our vision and maintain high standards in all that we do.