Our take on Inflation Reduction Act

Our take on Inflation Reduction Act


Our business, Ecofin, has invested in the energy transition space for a long time. Many of our strategies were designed for the economic benefits of the global energy transition. Yes, doing so addresses climate change, but the growth opportunities in this space are captivating. We love the enablers; companies, projects and services that enable decarbonization at scale. This space received a boost and should see rising demand from the IRA. As we explain, this should attract a lot of non-U.S. companies to invest domestically, increasing the value-added content and domestication of GDP. In doing so, the energy transition may become less divisive and more economically potent. View our informative videos and insights below.


Insights on the Inflation Reduction Act

Commentary Climate Action 9/12/2022

Ecofin Editorial: Inflation Reduction Act